IELTS individual long term, and two-way discussion practice

The individual long term monologue, and discussion, sections of the IELTS are alarming and some of the fake sample topics can be daunting.

For those wanting half-hour sessions online perfecting their general confidence, ability to use the core focus points in a variety of monologues and discussions, useful feedback and fine-tuning, I am an experienced TEFL tutor. I’ll provide suitable topics, assess your monologue, and my questions probe your ability to use tenses, evaluate, compare, and speculate, at a level of your choice, from confidence-building to challenging.

The most secure link is to Elegsabiff E, now set up on Cambly – or click on this link direct to my Cambly schedule

If you prefer to use Skype or Zoom direct, I use a desktop with webcam and will expect you to use webcam too – we can arrange a 10 minute trial chat first to establish connection and compatibility. I’m not pushing, or even offering, the whole IELTS coaching, perish the thought! merely the opportunity to practice with an experienced teacher for affordable, useful, half hour sessions. My direct rate is $7 or 7€ per half-hour session via Paypal ($10 or 10€ for an hour, but the half hour is recommended). Email me on elegsabifff@gmail for further information or alternatives.