A-Z challenge – A is for autobiography

My A-Z autobiography … well,  autobiographical bites.  Some bits will be almost interesting.

Hello! About me –  I am about halfway through my life, presuming I am going to be really, really old. Three-quarters if you go with the three-score-and-ten. I live on the beautiful Firth of Forth in Scotland, have a 10 year-old cat on the usual feline shared-ownership scheme, and recently adopted a slightly mad dog. She is barking through the window at a leaf as I type this.

I have one daughter, who is getting married in almost exactly a year, so if I do the A-Z challenge next year it will definitely be wedding-fixated – luckily she lives at the sunnier end of the country so I get weekly summaries rather than hourly updates.   When I got married, it was all sorted in 4 months – my hubby made that a condition of acceptance, as I’d ended 2 previous engagements (to other men) and he didn’t want me to have time to change my mind. We’re still friends but not still married.

That’s you up to date on the basics, see you tomorrow

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