cart and horse

Putting the cart in front of the horse with a vengeance here as I am still untangling the mysteries of selling my books direct.

The links in the sidebar will take you to the Amazon nearest you where all the books can be bought in paperback or ebook. They are also on Apple iBooks, Scribd, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Page Foundry, 24 Symbols and Tolino, and will be going onto Smashwords when I get my act properly into gear and the horse facing the right way in the cart.

For those who do have Paypal but don’t, won’t, or can’t use commercial websites:  now adding the book links to sell from my website in Kindle (mobi) format, using Payhip.

The fun of this for me is that I can mix and match a bit, I already have a couple of twofers going, and as I get more organized more options will come up. The list is below of all the books on Payhip – the very fact you have made it this far, I’m assuming you know them and don’t need introductions, just the links.

The book can be downloaded direct into your device, but if that’s a desktop computer and you want to send it to your Kindle, you’ll need to transfer or email it there after you download. Your Kindle email address is under your Kindle settings – usually your name  Create an email, and attach the download (which will be named, and showing as a mobi, in your downloads menu). Send the email and the book will load. Let me know of any problems! I can be reached on

EJ Lamprey books 

One To Six  the first 3 books in the Lawns series as a box-set from September 6

Seven Eight Play It Straight

Nine Ten Begin Again from September 16

Eleven Twelve Dig And Delve  

Thirteen Fourteen Maids a-Courting

Fifteen Sixteen Maids In The Kitchen   from August 3

Seventeen Eighteen Past Lies Waiting – a twofer with its Clarissa spin-off included

Joanna Lamprey books

No Place Like Place

Time After Time  from July 25

Clarissa Rodgers-Briskleigh books 

Looking for Mr Will-do-nicely (non-fiction) from July 22

Your Indian Summer (non-fiction) from August 2

A Second Rainbow  this is a twofer –  it includes the Mr Will-do-nicely guidebook about mature singles websites

The Money Honey – a version is available with the Lawns 17 18 book, but this is the stand-alone version – from August 11