cart and horse

Putting the cart in front of the horse with a vengeance here as I am still untangling the mysteries of selling my books direct. Some of the books remain permanently on Amazon’s Select program but about half will move here as well: at the moment only a couple are loaded, including the short story which you can get here free by joining my mailing list anyway.

Still, once I have the hang of it there will be promotions and launches and stuff and I’m sure it will all be absolutely straightforward.

The heading should really be OPENING SOON. In the meantime all the books are on Amazon and most are now on other sites as well – Apple iBooks, Scribd, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Page Foundry, 24 Symbols and Tolino, going onto Smashwords shortly.

Sadly, Payhip to sell from my own website didn’t work. Back to the drawing board.