A-Z Challenge – J is for Job hunting

I gave myself a 6 month paid break to follow my dreams, and I’ve captured a few and it has been lovely. I had hoped to build up enough of a portfolio to work from home but although that has gone well, and I do have some happy customers and the promise of referrals and more work, it hasn’t yet achieved living wage status, and can be maintained part time. I now have to go job hunting. Just the thought makes me practically tearful, which should make for some interesting interviews.

“So, why do you want to work here?”

“Actually” sniffs and wells up “I don’t, really”  *breaks down in sobs. Escorted gently but firmly from premises*

Anyone know of any jobs where snivelling and occasionally weeping isn’t a bar to success?

10 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – J is for Job hunting

  1. That’s a very proactive idea, like it! And yes, always open to synchronicity, led to most of the interesting things that have happened in my life 🙂

  2. mmmm, acting? Tough to be in that situation and to trust the process that you WILL find something. Be open to synchronistic events however small .. maybe take photographs of where you want to work – an agency or wherever it is that you want to be employed and SHOW THEM the photographs and bowl ’em over. Good luck!
    And Rachael’s idea above is a good one …
    Susan Scott’s Soul Stuff

  3. LinkedIn is good for job hunting. I know you think you have to work and it is the sensible thing to do, but if you are still thinking that maybe you want to do something you love and get paid for it, the best book I’ve read that helped me focus on what was important is called “Screw Work: Let’s Play” by John William. Here’s his website: http://www.screwworkletsplay.com/

  4. Um – professional mourner? Working in a funeral home? Perhaps helping the elderly you can appear FULL of compassion! You made me laugh. Great!

    Good luck in the rest of your A-Z! I’m doing animal poems.. and facts… er, and often a drawing, I like to make things hard for myself.

    Liz http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com

    • Ha, good suggestions! I signed up with an agency this morning, very proud of myself for not welling up at all. Loved your blog but can’t work out how to follow it? (Long time no brain) please tell me how!

      • Hello! Thank you. It’s in the right hand column, under my book somewhere… *goes to look* ok, under the A-z logo, under the boo, there’s a thing that says ‘follow my blog via email’ – you put your email in the white box I think… have to admit I’ve never done it for myself, I tried to make it as easy as possible when I set it up!

  5. I think most people don’t really enjoy their jobs, but needing money is a fact of life. Now you have a great part time job that you can grow without letting financial worries ruin it – at least if you get a job. Good luck on that! 🙂

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