A-Z Challenge – Yes

This was the hardest of the Challenges – most were plotted  a week or more in advance, but I’d updated  Wedding Fever on my blog before the post arrived and finally gave me my Y.

I’ve spontaneously said yes a lot of times in my life when I should have put a lot more thought into my answer.   Some of the questions were frankly rhetorical, some would have had a different answer if I’d only known then what I know now, some have never been regretted.

Do you want a baby brother or sister? Definitely rhetorical.
Want to try a cigarette? Oh, if I had only said no.
May I buy you a drink? Unlike the above, this didn’t lead to a long-term addiction. As a pick-up line, though, it was asked a lot.  Sometimes yes was the wrong answer.
Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?  In retrospect, I could have said yes a few more times to the many variations of that question.  And one yes, with the 20-20 vision of hindsight, should have been a no.
Will you marry me? Three times I said yes .
Do you take this man in holy matrimony? Other huge questions also asked only once – would you move to Scotland for your job?  Would you consider buying instead of renting?

At the start of this month I put my CV back on the market and on Friday the post brought a letter offering me a good job, well paid, with hours that will work well with my part-time life. It has been quite a while since the last time I had this kind of decision to make. All the experience gained over all the years, and it turns out I still have no idea whether this is a big yes, one that will change the rest of my life, or a little yes that will affect a year or two at most.  On balance, though, the ayes have it.


6 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – Yes

    • Thank you! And for visiting and for the link to yours, I really enjoy seeing the clever ways people solved the A-Z challenges, only sorry Blogger doesn’t seem to allow ‘LIKE’ buttons, I was particularly intrigued by your fish blog, my cat would also love fish left in the bathtub …

    • Scary thought – although that’s probably happened somewhere along the line at least once for everyone, a no where life would have changed completely if we had said yes, eh?

  1. How absolutely great Elizabeth! This is a good a-yes indeed!
    Yes, ja, there are surely times that a yes is regretted .. same here with the first cigarette offered; and maybe times that a ‘no’ is also regretted. A gal can always change her mind though I suppose .. I also said yes 3 times for marriage .. the last I accepted definitely.
    Great post thank you! Who knows where your ‘yes’ will take you this time round .. you’ll have fun this I know …
    Susan Scott’s Soul Stuff

    • Thanks, bestie 🙂 I am very glad indeed that the Challenge is nearly over but I shall miss the fun bits, ie chatting on blogs (especially the ones that others have done, which are always so much more interesting!)

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