5 thoughts on “To review or not to review, that is the question

  1. I am much looking forward to reading one two, and will review it Elizabeth. When is another story though … battling here in freezing Jhbg trying to do a bit of packing prior to the move …which will be who knows when … but it will be soon. Other stuff is also happening –

  2. Sadly not; I’m working on the 2nd draft having done my own very severe edit on the first one; I expect to send it for a professional edit at the end of this month and, depending on the result of that exercise, have the ebook published by the autumn. I have deliberately played down the book writing element of my life until I have something published to offer, just making the odd reference to it on the blog.

  3. Lynne, you star, you just made my day 🙂 And re your (happily scrapped) Goodreads review, have you got your book out yet? I just double-checked your About page, couldn’t see anything –

  4. Damn, I was about to write the following on Goodreads
    “Wow, fantastic, I luv this book 120%, I hope you’ll like mine.”
    I can see it will need at least two carefully worded paragraphs now. To be serious, Elizabeth, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your whodunit “one, two buckle my shoe” which I finished on Wednesday (looking forward to reading “three, four…” later this month) and I will do my utmost to write a review worthy of it.

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