4 thoughts on “Securing your personal media – seriously?

  1. Well I am very late with this obviously but have just got to it and I sympathise with you – I have a sort of system where I have the book of passwords etc and then I have a duplicate book kept at least 50 yards away from the first and in a fireproof box etc…well it’s not quite like that – haha! But if I lose the first I’m meant to be able to pounce on the second and change all the passwords etc before the bad people get into everything. That is the idea though of course it does rely on me having kept the second book up to date…ahem…moving on…

  2. Ha ha…left my precious little notebook at home and thus without it in plettenberg bay. Of course I don’t remember my passwords so am also in your shoes.

    Hope Teneriefe was great, pooch great on yr return and may 2015 be wonderful.

    • How frustrating is that? anyway, that was ages ago and I bet we both made NYRs to never leave home without our little black books again. Apologies it took me so long to spot this comment and I do hope 2015 is treating you well 🙂

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