A-Z challenge – G is for Grasshopper Lawns

My A-Z autobiography … G is for Grasshopper Lawns, and retirement

Grasshopper Lawns is a retirement village in Scotland that doesn’t actually exist but is now so much a part of my life that it is more real to me than many places that do.  I’m writing a series of whodunits based there and sometimes when I drive down that particular country road I’m briefly puzzled to see only a field of broccoli.

At one stage of my very chequered career I worked as a letting agent and had quite a few retirement villages on my books, as people would buy their forever home, then want it rented out until they were ready to move in themselves.  The options ranged from all-mod-con purpose-built apartment blocks in cities, to sprawling developments in the heart of the African veld, with tennis courts and swimming pools.  Retirement, I realized even back then, wasn’t going to be the end of the book.  It will be a whole new chapter.

As retiring is now a shimmer on my own horizon, and taking on more reality with every scurrying year, I’m starting to prepare for it – walking every day, trying to stick to a healthy diet, ensuring  I will leap into it with a sparkle in my eye and an athletic spring in my step.  I only wish I had a real Grasshopper Lawns (with perhaps slightly fewer murders) to move to.

My Grasshopper Lawn whodunit novellas are

One Two Buckle My Shoe – http://viewbook.at/B00AVQDKXC

Three Four Knock On My Door –http://viewbook.at/B00C4FE0TG

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2 thoughts on “A-Z challenge – G is for Grasshopper Lawns

  1. I’m still learning from you, as I’m improving myself. I definitely enjoy reading everything that is written on your website.Keep the information coming. I liked it!

  2. Oh, my . . . Grasshopper Lawns! I’m going to check out your books. I hope you do better with retirement than I have. I’ve retired I don’t know how many times and then go right back to work. That’s because I love what I do! Really enjoyed your post . . . I’m finally caught up after a late start on the challenge, but I still haven’t written my G yet. I’ll get to it eventually today.

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