A-Z Challenge – H is for House and / or home

My A-Z autobiography … H is for House and home

Those annoying telesales calls, we all get them, trying to sell stuff – there’s always that moment when they ask ‘are you the home-owner?’

I lived at home until I was eighteen, moved in with a friend who owned a house until I married, and, well, one way and another, always lived in other people’s property until I moved to Scotland.  The property market was just starting to perk up but it was still going to be cheaper for me to buy than to rent, and I invested, very nervously, in a shabby ninety-year-old flat and spent  two years  fixing it up, one project at a time. After two years I sold it, for more than double what I had paid, and bought a very small house.  My very own house!

There’s a quote I read somewhere that middle age starts with the first mortgage.  Instead, I felt and feel quite extraordinarily grown up.  Me!  A home-owner!

Not that I admit that to telesalespeople, of course.

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9 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – H is for House and / or home

  1. So great Elizabeth to own your own hearth and home! And well done on selling your first one and making a lovely profit! We’ve just sold our lovely and beautiful old home and moving into a much smaller town house … but it will be home!

  2. Congrats for being a home owner. I don’t get solicitors asking for “the home owner.” They ask for the lady of the house, in which case I tell them they have the wrong number. If they don’t know my name, they have the wrong number.


  3. I am proud of you! In this day and age it is still not the norm for women to have their own place, purchased by themselves and paid for by themselves! So I applaud you, Elizabeth!

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