A-Z challenge – N is for No Regrets

Through a lucky set of circumstances I found myself, last October, without a job and with a lump sum in cash that would support me for up to a year, if I was carefuI.  Decision time – leap back into the job market immediately?  Or give myself six months to do everything I had wistfully put aside as dreams that could never be realised – a ‘no regrets’ sabbatical?

Out came the dreams. Too late for some, that was inevitable.  Some were totally unrealistic, and a few  turned out to be less fun in reality than they were in potential.   Seven months down the line,  I’ve picked up four new clients and a blogging contract, published two books, half-written the third, and taken in a dog which is ruling me with a paw of iron.  I now know that I will never be a stand-up comedian and that I don’t after all want to do desktop publishing.  It doesn’t seem much to show for six months where never a day has passed when I haven’t learned at least two new things.

Should I have done it – of course not.  Would I advise anyone to give up their day job – of course not.  Any regrets?  Of course not!


6 thoughts on “A-Z challenge – N is for No Regrets

  1. Not so much, I do still have to go job-hunting but at least I won’t be plagued by ‘what might have been’ and have created a part-time world which will hopefully thrive and grow to off-set the daily grind!

  2. Thanks for sharing; it’s amazing how the right message comes around at an appropriate time…if only one can get over the fear…but it’s great to be reminded that good outcomes are possible from any endeavor. Well done!

    • It was a huge gamble and I wasted two months wrestling with that fear and the panicky feeling I should be doing a ‘proper’ job – never taken six months off in my life. Like any gamble, you have to work out how much you can afford to lose and stick with that but if you’re considering it, good luck 🙂

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