A-Z Challenge – One Two Buckle My Shoe

I’m subdued. I’ve been wrangling on LinkedIn with a stubborn and opinionated published author who says all ebooks are rubbish and the relentless marketing of them is offensive and while I’ve been arguing re general ebook success stories  and not at all tooting my own tiny horn, I’m now faced with putting out today’s blog and it’s just that – a toot, a plug, yet another offensive marketing irritation. Still. Busy busy busy, don’t have time to prepare another blog so move along folks, nothing to see here.   This is the A to Z challenge and I have to find an O.

This was the book that started out being about octogenarians (check out the Mother entry) and has been rewritten, gee, about twenty times?  Feels like, anyway.  I’ve reached the point where I have read it now more often than I’ve read Pride & Prejudice, and Jane Austen I’m not.  But the reviews on Amazon.co.uk have been okay, and if enough people like it, and look out for the next, he can – in the local parlance – awa and bile his heid.  Pick a windae, mate, yer leavin.  (I do love Scots, it is the most heavenly language when you want to be rude to someone)

Long story short – an unpopular resident at a retirement village gets murdered, but not before phoning the police to say she wants to report a murder.  Whodunit?  And that of course is the whole point.  It’s a whodunit.  Police never turn down inside information and in this particular case they’ve got Sergeant Kirsty Cameron’s slightly eccentric aunt right on the spot.  It’s the foundation book for the series so it lays a bit of groundwork, and feedback has been good.  It’s a holiday read, novella length, (40K words) and you will love it and become addicted to my breezy style.

I can only hope, eh?

One Two Buckle My Shoe – http://viewBook.at/B00AVQDKXC

5 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – One Two Buckle My Shoe

  1. I’ve read a number of self-published e-books in the last 18 months and in the main they’ve all been very well written and in many cases better than many traditionally published works. People need to get with the times 🙂

  2. Ooh thank you how exciting and I hope you have a holiday coming up soon so you can read it! I couldn’t agree more on the difficulties of getting from blog to blog, and some sites don’t have a like button, while the hoops required to log a comment on others are just over the top – there’s a feedback week in May about the challenge and I think a lot of that will be people grumbling about the difficulties. One nice central link for all participants, that’s what we need. *waves wand*

  3. Aye and a warrum greeting to you Elizabeth! (actually it’s not so warm, it’s chilly). I am warm because I bought your book! No, my kindle is not charging as we speak, it is upstairs, but hopefully later I’ll be able to work it out as to how to receive it on the kindle. I’m very excited about this!
    When I click onto you from your comment to my previous post to get to you, I have to jump hoops – go from ‘H’ to get to ‘O’ e.g. I know that sounds like double dutch or strange Scots, but any clues on this? If I book mark the permalink (which I have never done to anyone as I am not sure what this means) will this solve the wee problem do you think?
    Now to get to your P … iykwim …
    Susan Scott’s Soul Stuff

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