A-Z Challenge – wedding fever

My daughter is getting married in almost exactly a year – the Ides of March. Fortunately she’s insisting on arranging everything herself, although she did come to Edinburgh for us to find a dress (which is absolutely beautiful, and neatly sorts out my contribution to the whole shebang).  All I have to do now is find myself a mother-of-the-bride outfit.

Did I say all? This could be the death of me. I have to look so glamorous that the ex-in-laws won’t be nudging each other and remarking that my ex-husband had a lucky escape. I have to be able to wear the thing during a ceremony and a formal dinner, then dance in it. It has to stand up to eight hours of being on show – and it has to be comfortable.  I’m very tempted by a silken trouser-suit, absolutely simple, with gold trim on sleeves and breast, but it’s only available in black or white. I haven’t been to a wedding in years, is it still a bit frowned on to wear either of those colours to a wedding?  I know I still have a year (nearly) but already I can feel the first seeds of panic.  Any advice?  I have to wear either trousers or a mid-calf skirt, as I have a scarred knee, and I look perfectly ridiculous in frills, so it will have to be something with fairly clean lines, but that won’t crease.

Without your help I may end up giving up and watching the whole thing on CCTV.

5 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – wedding fever

  1. You two are both brilliant! The theme is red, not good for me, I’m a redhead, but changing into something for the dancing is exactly the answer. I don’t mind being hideously uncomfortable (and hopefully smart) during the service and photos if I can slide away and reappear in my jumpsuit and takkies (so to speak) for the fun. Do all women except me know this stuff, or are you and Susan exceptional?

  2. Congratulations from me too. I’ve been through this dilemma a couple of times. Will there be bridesmaids or pages? If the answer is yes you could ask what colour your daughter is choosing for their outfits and find a colour that complements it; this made me feel “included.” Have you thought about a really eye-catching jacket (seen the most whether standing talking in a crowd or sitting at the dinner table) and getting both a skirt and some trousers to wear later for the less formal dancing so you can boogie in freedom. Boring advice after Susan’s I know but it worked for me. Main thing is to enjoy yourself at your daughter’s wedding and let her see how much you love her.

  3. Firstly congratulations Elizabeth! Why not an beaded African something? Or, if you like the black and/or white then use a lovely brightly coloured shawl, or pashmina … maybe stay away from white though – imagine if red wine is spilled.
    Or, what about having someone make it up for you?
    You will NOT be watching it on CNN … you will be the life and soul
    Have a great weekend!
    Susan Scott’s Soul Stuff

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