A-Z Challenge – wedding fever

My daughter is getting married in almost exactly a year – the Ides of March. Fortunately she’s insisting on arranging everything herself, although she did come to Edinburgh for us to find a dress (which is absolutely beautiful, and neatly sorts out my contribution to the whole shebang).  All I have to do now is find myself a mother-of-the-bride outfit.

Did I say all? This could be the death of me. I have to look so glamorous that the ex-in-laws won’t be nudging each other and remarking that my ex-husband had a lucky escape. I have to be able to wear the thing during a ceremony and a formal dinner, then dance in it. It has to stand up to eight hours of being on show – and it has to be comfortable.  I’m very tempted by a silken trouser-suit, absolutely simple, with gold trim on sleeves and breast, but it’s only available in black or white. I haven’t been to a wedding in years, is it still a bit frowned on to wear either of those colours to a wedding?  I know I still have a year (nearly) but already I can feel the first seeds of panic.  Any advice?  I have to wear either trousers or a mid-calf skirt, as I have a scarred knee, and I look perfectly ridiculous in frills, so it will have to be something with fairly clean lines, but that won’t crease.

Without your help I may end up giving up and watching the whole thing on CCTV.